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[audio]Dolby [IMc] (original) - Comparison by Denis J. Haughton
Keywords: dolby
Downloads: 8
[audio]Dolby [IMc] [PerfectPower1] - Comparison by Denis J. Haughton
Keywords: dolby
Downloads: 7
[audio]Dolby [IMx] (original) - Comparison by Denis J. Haughton
Keywords: dolby
Downloads: 16
[audio]Dolby [IMx] [PerfectPower1] - Comparison by Denis J. Haughton
Keywords: dolby
Downloads: 12
[movies]pS3_dolby - Jade Macalla
Jade talks about how much he enjoys the music of Thomas Dolby, and the musician's forthcoming tour. Also, response to a shocking accusation.
Keywords: jade; dolby; ringtone; funny; video; fish; blog
Downloads: 207
[texts]generalmanual 000019041
generalmanual 000019041
Keywords: center; channel; dolby; speaker; surround; warranty; soundworks; cambridge; speakers; pro; center channel; dolby surround; channel speaker; cambridge soundworks; pro logic; dolby digital; dolby pro
Downloads: 10
[texts]generalmanual 000001622
generalmanual 000001622
Keywords: khz; digital; audio; video; cinch; dolby; dvd; ohm; recording; converter; remote control; dolby digital; component video
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000015041
generalmanual 000015041
Keywords: watts; rms; dolby; subwoofer; rca; digital; audio; sound; logitech; consoles; watts rms; dolby digital; video game
Downloads: 4
[audio]Example of Dolby encoded FM KSJN 91.1 July-8-1978 - Minnesota Public Radio
This is an example of Dolby encoded FM calibration tone being played on KSJN 91.1 FM at 8:07 PM on July-8-1978. This was taken off a 1800ft 7" reel of Shamrock brand tape at 3.75 IPS. Played back using a 1968/69 Sony TC-230. The reel includes a full recording of A Prairie Home Companion and over an hour of classical music played on KSJN. I plan to digitize and upload the full reel sometime in the future...
Keywords: KSJN; Dolby; Dolby FM; Dolby FM De-Emphasis; Minneapolis; Saint Paul; Minnesota; radio recording; MPR; Minnesota Pulbic Radio; Classical; Orchestra; Garrison Keillor; A Prairie Home Companion; aircheck
Downloads: 26
[audio]Your Monkeys (by Tom Joas) - tom joas
Electronica tune
Keywords: electronica; 80's; thomas dolby; dance; pop; monkey
Downloads: 54
[texts]generalmanual 000036290
generalmanual 000036290
Keywords: digital; dolby; decoder; audio; speaker; din; center; sound; input; connect; dolby digital; digital din; pro logic; decoder amplifier; dolby pro; sound blaster; center speaker; speaker cable; dolby surround; signal source
Downloads: 4
[texts]generalmanual 000036210
generalmanual 000036210
Keywords: press; dolby; surround; digital; select; mode; disc; unit; sound; tape; dolby digital; digital surround; pro logic; dolby pro; remote control; multi jog; turn multi; surround speakers; center speaker; dolby surround
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000032035
generalmanual 000032035
Keywords: dolby; press; surround; unit; select; digital; mode; remote; speaker; center; remote control; dolby digital; dolby pro; multi jog; surround speakers; pro logic; center speaker; dolby surround; front speakers; turn multi
Downloads: 4
[texts]generalmanual 000032243
generalmanual 000032243
Keywords: les; des; sur; est; digital; pour; dolby; une; source; input; dolby digital; cet appareil; champ sonore; remote controller; les signaux; systeme dolby; sound field; pour les; dolby pro; appuyer sur
Downloads: 4
[texts]generalmanual 000053152
generalmanual 000053152
Keywords: surround; digital; dolby; mode; button; input; speaker; dts; select; remote; dolby digital; remote control; dolby pro; pro logic; surround mode; speaker setting; input source; digital input; digi link; test tone; dolby
Downloads: 5
[texts]generalmanual 000025742
generalmanual 000025742
Keywords: dolby; bipole; frequency; dome; dispersion; baffle; twin; dynamics; rear; units
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000038455
generalmanual 000038455
Keywords: digital; receiver; dolby; speaker; remote; surround; speakers; press; dvd; mode; dolby digital; remote control; pro logic; digital input; dolby laboratories; courtesy dolby; test tone; rca audio; dvd player; center speaker
Downloads: 6
[texts]generalmanual 000036194
generalmanual 000036194
Keywords: digital; dolby; decoder; creative; audio; analog; inspire; mode; surround; cmss; dolby digital; creative inspire; pro logic; decoder amplifier; dolby pro; dolby surround; remote control; digital din; program material; selecting input
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000019053
generalmanual 000019053
Keywords: digital; dolby; audio; decoder; speaker; din; center; sound; input; connect; dolby digital; digital din; pro logic; decoder amplifier; dolby pro; sound blaster; center speaker; speaker cable; dolby surround; signal source
Downloads: 4
[texts]generalmanual 000021572
generalmanual 000021572
Keywords: center; speaker; wires; ake; dolby; waveguide; amplifier; loudspeaker; crossover; speakers
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000023080
generalmanual 000023080
Keywords: dolby; digital; surround; button; mode; input; video; speaker; center; desired; dolby digital; delay time; surround mode; dolby pro; pro logic; digi link; test tone; tape monitor; dolby virtual; surround sound
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000023683
generalmanual 000023683
Keywords: digital; receiver; dolby; speaker; remote; surround; press; dvd; warranty; audio; dolby digital; remote control; digital input; test tone; rca audio; pro logic; dvd player; dolby laboratories; courtesy dolby; center speaker
Downloads: 4
[texts]generalmanual 000024321
generalmanual 000024321
Keywords: modt; dolby; laboratories; specifications; licensing; cassette; strap; headphones; aerial; mechanism
Downloads: 3
[audio]natsukashi:Rockula - rob rector
Director Luca Bercovici joins Rob and Count Vardulon to relive the making of the "cult classic that never was," 'Rockula!'
Keywords: rockula; musical; bo diddly; thomas dolby; toni basil; film; nostalgia
Downloads: 120
[texts]generalmanual 000055613
generalmanual 000055613
Keywords: digital; dvd; video; disc; dimensions; dolby; dac; scan; zenith
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000032242
generalmanual 000032242
Keywords: les; des; sur; pour; est; dolby; digital; source; une; input; dolby digital; cet appareil; champ sonore; systeme dolby; sound field; cette touche; les signaux; appuyer sur; dolby pro; remote controller
Downloads: 7
[texts]generalmanual 000049815
generalmanual 000049815
Keywords: digital; audio; dvd; video; dolby; favorite; recording; converter; compatibility; philips; dvd recorder; digital video; dolby digital; digital audio; component video
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000023104
generalmanual 000023104
Keywords: speaker; wires; speakers; jbl; surround; center; dolby; amplifier; dvd; check; surround speakers; speaker wires; center speaker; dolby digital
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000036781
generalmanual 000036781
Keywords: powerdvd; users; audio; dvd; dolby; movie; playback; display; widescreen; video; widescreen display; linear stretching; encoded audio; dolby virtual
Downloads: 4
[texts]generalmanual 000032485
generalmanual 000032485
Keywords: digital; dolby; center; surround; input; remote; product; automatic; indicator; adjustment; dolby digital; dolby pro; pro logic; front panel; digital input; surround speakers; test tone; status bars; remote sensor; digital inputs
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000030618
generalmanual 000030618
Keywords: dolby; sur; digital; surround; los; para; del; video; pour; boton; dolby digital; dolby pro; digital surround; pro logic; appuyez sur; manual select; los altavoces; tape monitor; des enceintes; los terminales
Downloads: 7
[texts]generalmanual 000051291
generalmanual 000051291
Keywords: surround; setup; mode; input; control; digital; video; dolby; signals; dts; remote control; dolby digital; system setup; pro logic; surround speakers; surround mode; setup menu; control unit; dolby pro; auto setup
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000042213
generalmanual 000042213
Keywords: press; disc; select; dolby; play; unit; surround; digital; jpeg; discs; dolby digital; dolby pro; pro logic; numbered buttons; remote control; power supply; play press; video cassette; surround speakers; delay time
Downloads: 5
[texts]generalmanual 000038712
generalmanual 000038712
Keywords: button; digital; disc; dvd; press; dolby; mode; surround; select; audio; pro logic; dolby pro; remote control; dolby digital; center speaker; dvd player; digital surround; title chapt; rating level; component video
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000038593
generalmanual 000038593
Keywords: surround; mode; digital; dolby; input; dts; control; signals; setup; output; remote control; system setup; dolby digital; setup menu; surround mode; control unit; pro logic; dolby pro; mode button; surround parameter
Downloads: 4
[texts]generalmanual 000032036
generalmanual 000032036
Keywords: surround; dolby; digital; press; select; dts; mode; unit; video; speaker; dolby digital; remote control; digital surround; dts surround; dolby pro; multi jog; pro logic; center speaker; turn multi; surround speakers
Downloads: 4
[texts]generalmanual 000054952
generalmanual 000054952
Keywords: subwoofer; speaker; product; dolby; ake; surround; center; wires; dts; antenna; pro logic; speaker wires; dolby digital; surround speakers; dolby pro; wall outlet; subwoofer output; subwoofer level; speaker terminals; speaker cables
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000069736
generalmanual 000069736
Keywords: surround; speaker; subwoofer; dolby; center; ake; speakers; receiver; wires; dts; floor stand; surround speakers; dolby pro; speaker wires; dolby digital; threaded insert; speaker terminals; shelf stand; satellite speaker; pro logic
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000019150
generalmanual 000019150
Keywords: button; digital; avr; press; remote; selector; surround; mode; dolby; buttons; set button; dolby digital; selector buttons; pro logic; setup code; front panel; red light; surround mode; dolby pro; device control
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000023925
generalmanual 000023925
Keywords: select; player; press; disc; audio; digital; display; dolby; setup; dvd; dolby digital; parental control; front panel; playing time; dolby surround; setup display; control menu; surround sound; remaining time; panel display
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000019156
generalmanual 000019156
Keywords: subwoofer; speaker; dolby; product; digital; surround; receiver; dts; hkts; center; dolby digital; pro logic; dolby pro; speaker wires; harman kardon; surround speakers; speaker connections; power switch; left front; front left
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000017458
generalmanual 000017458
Keywords: mode; pour; sur; les; est; des; enceintes; dans; dolby; digital; appuyer sur; les enceintes; pour selectionner; pro logic; des enceintes; peut etre; dolby digital; dolby pro; sur les; source direct
Downloads: 4
[texts]generalmanual 000032252
generalmanual 000032252
Keywords: dolby; digital; preset; input; sound; remote; unit; output; center; rear; remote control; dolby digital; front panel; pro logic; dolby pro; sound field; input signal; output level; control transmitter; set menu
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000069560
generalmanual 000069560
Keywords: button; avr; digital; surround; press; input; select; remote; mode; dolby; dolby digital; surround mode; set button; input selector; lower display; digital audio; pro logic; remote control; dolby pro; master menu
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000006426
generalmanual 000006426
Keywords: press; select; disc; dolby; mode; surround; discs; unit; dvd; button; remote control; initial settings; surround speakers; dolby digital; sound quality; center speaker; tape direction; output level; dolby pro; settings screen
Downloads: 4
[texts]generalmanual 000070344
generalmanual 000070344
Keywords: digital; las; dolby; del; los; des; dvd; dts; pas; procesador; los auriculares; las pilas; dolby digital; pro logic; dolby pro; optical digital; piles rechargeables; numerique optique; des piles; les piles
Downloads: 6
[texts]generalmanual 000059875
generalmanual 000059875
Keywords: surround; digital; dolby; mode; speaker; input; dts; button; desired; select; dolby digital; dolby pro; pro logic; digi link; surround mode; speaker setting; speaker button; master volume; input source; digital input
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000069737
generalmanual 000069737
Keywords: speaker; surround; subwoofer; dolby; center; speakers; receiver; wires; dts; digital; floor stand; molded nut; dolby pro; speaker wires; satellite speaker; metal nut; dolby digital; threaded insert; surround speakers; stand adaptor
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000035607
generalmanual 000035607
Keywords: subwoofer; speaker; surround; dolby; ake; receiver; center; wires; dts; grounding; speaker wires; pro logic; dolby pro; dolby digital; surround sound; speaker terminals; surround speakers; speaker cables; program material; power switch
Downloads: 5
[texts]generalmanual 000030629
generalmanual 000030629
Keywords: surround; dolby; digital; press; select; mode; video; dts; speaker; unit; dolby digital; digital surround; remote control; dts surround; dolby pro; pro logic; multi jog; center speaker; turn multi; surround speakers
Downloads: 3
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